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Brucelee / Jun 04, 2013
Man look at us our progress isnt stopping i thought there was coming an end on the fast progress, But Nooo way we are going on! Again 2 new bosses down! So ye Boys 9/13 heroic mode pretty decent.

Gratz to our 2 new members (Oxide and macze) who got promoted last raid ;)

I Was able to fraps the twins fight, Look below for the link
And please we always forget to take screenshots,... i know its doesn't mather that much but cmon we need to look pro. :p

For the people who are interested click the link below for Council Heroic video.
Brucelee / May 28, 2013

Dear members and guests we have done some more interesting things lately and OF COURSE we don't have a vid or screenshot! No worries next week they will be taken so do some epic dps to show the people when GG Incorporated can do!

Also Big welcome to our new members after having some trouble with our tank/priest leaving we found new trails who are doing very well, and Ofc Rockeaters told the guys that we would get 6/13 easy... But there u GO 7/13hc what do you think?? well done everyone!
Brucelee / May 07, 2013
Guys U realize what happened this week? we kinda dominated the bosses!
I cant say more than well done everyone we are improving and i can talk for all the officers/leaders that we are proud on the focus u guys bring in the raids. Get prepared and read up some forums about Megaera cause we are running ahead of the boss guides xD

Again very decent job, we are growing in name and progress!
Also good luck for the leaders of the second raiding team, we hope u guys can start soonish with your team.
Video of Iron Qon will be linked below.

Horridon heroic

Tortos heroic

Iron Qon heroic