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Team 1 reforming

Rockeaters / Sep 21, 2016
Hey hey boys,

it has been quite some time, but me and some of the former officers have decided to come back and rek some legion ass!

Anyway for anyone who would still be out there recruitment is open ones again. We will still be aiming on clearing all Mythic content asap and try to get an as high as possible rank like back in the Thunderlord day's!

Anyway if someone of you guys would be interested or are still lingering around and I don't got your btag just hit me up either on the forums or by adding me on Bnet Rockeaters#2805

and oh ye,

GG boysz!



Lets go!
fucking scrubzzzz
don't be hating now man, you know you will never be able to top my dieps, just live with it now you don't take the shot for redemption this tier!

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