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Team 1 is on a break untill WoD prepatches!

Brucelee / Feb 02, 2014

as we all know the team isnt what it used to be anymore...
With the main leaders gone and half of the core raiders on a break, The atmosphere isnt the same as it was.
Also me and xenthor feel guilty for all the transferes and waste of money.

I think you guys felt this comming but keep in mind that the guild doesnt die!
We are taking this break to start with a fresh mind in WoD under the lead of our slackers.

We are very sorry that we could not complete SoO heroic with our team right now.
Maybe we can push it again in the prepatches for WoD. We gtta see what the future brings for that.


See you guys in WoD then :)
Yeah kinda sucks but SoO just seemed to drag on and on and we had weeks and weeks of no progress it's just Ugh, gimme WoD alreaady! Hopefully we can do a 14/14 mythic clear of SoO before WoD release!
sorry to hear that

i am sorry too because i was busy being in chicago, where the raids starts from 12:30 pm to 4:30pm which is the working time

i hope to raid with u again



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