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Blasting through Orgrimmar, awwwwww yeeeeeee! 11/14 HC!

Yeltsin / Oct 14, 2013
GG Inc. is back on track! When we aren't plagued by dc problems, we're steamrolling progression bosses! 11/14 with a few more just waiting to fall over in the next days!

PS: Awww yeeeeeeee, best news-entry-maker eu!

EDIT: Juggernaught bites the dust! 7/14

EDIT: #SWAG is no #SWAG without the #YOLO

EDIT: hey wait a minute, who the fuck added that edit^

EDIT: I'm prety sure its #SWAGMAISTER smeltsin!

EDIT: #SWAGD shamns down, malcock will go down fast!

EDIT #YOLO'd down malkoLOL finaly, spoils next <3

EDIT OF THE EDITS: on thok now and hoping on a fast kill, got afew try's today, looking good, time to get some rankingz back! <3

ONE EDIT TO RULE THEM ALL AND IN THE DARKNESS EDIT THEM: Thok went down tonight after 7 wipes! GG! Siegecrafter, you're next!



10/10 would read again.
dealer trying hard!
dizz smeltsin makignthe editz of editz :oo

sick skillz man! <3

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