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Lei Shen and Ra-den down 13/13hc mode!

Brucelee / Jul 29, 2013
Alright since this news post will stay for a while I decided to give abit more information for guests. And letting Yeltsin in charge was the worse thing i did. As you still can see in the previous post, kinda lazy! Okey as u read in the title we've cleared ToT heroic mode boyz. Really awesome job to all of the raiders we've had a hard time on 2 bosses in my opinion (Dark Animus and Lei Shen) but overall we've owned most other guilds on try's.

Also to everyone who might not know yet we are a newly formed raiding guild since MoP. And i wanna thank all officers and core members who moved with us from Doomhammer. We all had patience and trust in the guild and we belived that mainly Rockeaters and yeltsin would fix a decent raid team, big thanks to those 2 guys.
Ofcourse not only the core members and officers, ALL members/raiders we are very thankfull for what you guys helped us achieve.

I think we can tell that GG Incorporated has a awesome time since we formed our team on Ragnaros.
Lets keep the fun going I think with the same people and mindset we can own even more in 5.4 siege of ogrimar raid.
Lets take a chill pill now and relax/prepair for next patch i am 100% sure we will keep this guild going and have some awesome time in the future.

I also want to tell guests here that we are totaly not a hardcore guild, we play for fun and are a friendly group of members with skills. Also wanna point that out for the raiders keep it fun we know we can beat all the bosses so relax and think what we've done already.

Below here u can click the link with almost all bossvideo's


</3 you ruined my post :(

<3 everything/everyone else
:D +1 for ruinign yeltsins post!
+1 for Everyone!
Weeeeee are the champions ... my frienddd!!!
All hail to the shaman! :D
World 146th 3d/week raiding guild.

World 115th 3d/weed 10man raiding guild.

going for world 20th 3d/week next tier np ;)
WTB new front page news <3

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