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Dark Animus finaly down

Brucelee / Jul 04, 2013
GG Incorporated managed to kill Dark animus, we've encountered one one of the harderst heroic modes. And ofc those kinda fights are harder to beat as a friendly raiding guild. NOT that we are bad at all! its totaly couse we raid 3 days a week and Dark Animus is one of the later bosses. But after 3 weeks trying on progress days we've killed it finaly and the coolest part of it is we did it on a farm raid :D

I wanna thank all the raiders in name of all officers. Very nice focus that raid, no wipes on farm and 100% focus with fun talks thats awesome. even doh we wiped 150 times on Dark Animus it feels like we've got that shit right now.
Like 5 try's with a very good start and always close to a kill, we're doing decent again keep it up!

We might had a bad feeling last weeks couse no progression but i am sure everyone loves the raids again after this reset.

Kill video below! make sure to watch our streams if u are intrested in this guild, our atmosphere is always very nice to follow


Bruceleez :
Macze : <--- u've got to watch this.


boom shakalakakaa!

ps: I pwnd yeltsin dieps! FOK YEE
the last sentence, falky wanted to add somthing: he's still partialy drunk to STRONGK MOFO's !
Considering the late start this guild had to the Tier ... our progression has been freakin awesome!

I'd like to thank you guys for the invite to the guild, and can't wait for Tier 16 where we can get some awesome ranks on progress with an awesome laid back team :D !!!!


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