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Rockeaters / Sep 25, 2016
Just a small update about a small victory but we are back at it with the raids, did a full normal clear in one raid so I guess we cannot complain about that!

still looking for more members to complete the squad so we can rek some Legioners on mythic! lets goo

Rockeaters / Sep 21, 2016
Hey hey boys,

it has been quite some time, but me and some of the former officers have decided to come back and rek some legion ass!

Anyway for anyone who would still be out there recruitment is open ones again. We will still be aiming on clearing all Mythic content asap and try to get an as high as possible rank like back in the Thunderlord day's!

Anyway if someone of you guys would be interested or are still lingering around and I don't got your btag just hit me up either on the forums or by adding me on Bnet Rockeaters#2805

and oh ye,

GG boysz!

Brucelee / Feb 02, 2014

as we all know the team isnt what it used to be anymore...
With the main leaders gone and half of the core raiders on a break, The atmosphere isnt the same as it was.
Also me and xenthor feel guilty for all the transferes and waste of money.

I think you guys felt this comming but keep in mind that the guild doesnt die!
We are taking this break to start with a fresh mind in WoD under the lead of our slackers.

We are very sorry that we could not complete SoO heroic with our team right now.
Maybe we can push it again in the prepatches for WoD. We gtta see what the future brings for that.
Yeltsin / Oct 14, 2013
GG Inc. is back on track! When we aren't plagued by dc problems, we're steamrolling progression bosses! 11/14 with a few more just waiting to fall over in the next days!

PS: Awww yeeeeeeee, best news-entry-maker eu!

EDIT: Juggernaught bites the dust! 7/14

EDIT: #SWAG is no #SWAG without the #YOLO

EDIT: hey wait a minute, who the fuck added that edit^

EDIT: I'm prety sure its #SWAGMAISTER smeltsin!

EDIT: #SWAGD shamns down, malcock will go down fast!

EDIT #YOLO'd down malkoLOL finaly, spoils next <3

EDIT OF THE EDITS: on thok now and hoping on a fast kill, got afew try's today, looking good, time to get some rankingz back! <3

ONE EDIT TO RULE THEM ALL AND IN THE DARKNESS EDIT THEM: Thok went down tonight after 7 wipes! GG! Siegecrafter, you're next!

Brucelee / Jul 29, 2013
Alright since this news post will stay for a while I decided to give abit more information for guests. And letting Yeltsin in charge was the worse thing i did. As you still can see in the previous post, kinda lazy! Okey as u read in the title we've cleared ToT heroic mode boyz. Really awesome job to all of the raiders we've had a hard time on 2 bosses in my opinion (Dark Animus and Lei Shen) but overall we've owned most other guilds on try's.

Also to everyone who might not know yet we are a newly formed raiding guild since MoP. And i wanna thank all officers and core members who moved with us from Doomhammer. We all had patience and trust in the guild and we belived that mainly Rockeaters and yeltsin would fix a decent raid team, big thanks to those 2 guys.
Ofcourse not only the core members and officers, ALL members/raiders we are very thankfull for what you guys helped us achieve.

I think we can tell that GG Incorporated has a awesome time since we formed our team on Ragnaros.
Lets keep the fun going I think with the same people and mindset we can own even more in 5.4 siege of ogrimar raid.
Lets take a chill pill now and relax/prepair for next patch i am 100% sure we will keep this guild going and have some awesome time in the future.

I also want to tell guests here that we are totaly not a hardcore guild, we play for fun and are a friendly group of members with skills. Also wanna point that out for the raiders keep it fun we know we can beat all the bosses so relax and think what we've done already.

Below here u can click the link with almost all bossvideo's
Brucelee / Jul 04, 2013
GG Incorporated managed to kill Dark animus, we've encountered one one of the harderst heroic modes. And ofc those kinda fights are harder to beat as a friendly raiding guild. NOT that we are bad at all! its totaly couse we raid 3 days a week and Dark Animus is one of the later bosses. But after 3 weeks trying on progress days we've killed it finaly and the coolest part of it is we did it on a farm raid :D

I wanna thank all the raiders in name of all officers. Very nice focus that raid, no wipes on farm and 100% focus with fun talks thats awesome. even doh we wiped 150 times on Dark Animus it feels like we've got that shit right now.
Like 5 try's with a very good start and always close to a kill, we're doing decent again keep it up!

We might had a bad feeling last weeks couse no progression but i am sure everyone loves the raids again after this reset.

Kill video below! make sure to watch our streams if u are intrested in this guild, our atmosphere is always very nice to follow


Bruceleez :
Macze : <--- u've got to watch this.
Brucelee / Jun 13, 2013
Good job Boyz we killed that floating eye, again a new boss down in 1 reset.

Now the real deal! Get prepaired for Dark Animus heroic mode. One of the harder heroic bosses in this instance.
Read up some stactics and the situation of the whole fight befor next week. We will have a hard time dealing with the adds at the beginning of the fight, imagine that other heroic raiding guilds wiped more than 180 times befor they killed it.

Dont get to depresed! We have more gear than they had and the wipes are after maximum 30 sec in combat so no worries. Plus we own this game s hard lately with our team, i've a good eye on the future raids ;)

Also very decent raid wednesday people i would say one of the best farm raids we've had so far 8 heroic bosses in less than 3 hours, which included Magaera and Durumu! Keep up that focus and we will own the shit out of this game!

I think 5.4 will be so nice with this team. Durumu video below ;)