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Second team aplications

Survival Hunter

Application of DanqodIRL infoName: Max Country: The Netherlands Age: 21Other hobbies besides WoW? I play soccer and hang out with friends now and then. Still going to school, driving me crazy though.Stable internet connection? Stable as a stable-I...
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Danqod1108Member avatar small Danqod 4y
Second team aplications

Protection Paladin Holycowlex

Application of HolycowlexIRL infoName: LexCountry: EnglandAge: 22Other hobbies besides WoW? ReadingStable internet connection? Yes-Ingame infoCharacter name: HolycowlexArmory link:
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Auralex2130Member avatar small Waith 4y
Second team aplications

Bloodyclaws - Feral Druid Application

IRL infoName: Tyrone although prefer to be called Ty.Country: I am originally from South Africa but i now live in England.Age: 29 years youngOther hobbies besides WoW? There is other things to do besides wow ? sacrilage! I enjoy gaming so its pret...
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Second team aplications

warlock application to the second team

IRL infoName: Roy DaalhofCountry: The NetherlandsAge:21Other hobbies besides WoW?horseback riding swimmingkickboxingStable internet connection?yesIngame infoCharacter name: FlippicaArmory link:
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Flippica5150Small Hellum 4y
Second team aplications

Elemental Shaman

Name: Battletide Class: Shaman Race: Troll Server: Ragnaros EU Spec: Elemental (551) Profession: Enchanting and Alchemy (Elixir Master) Armory Played Time: Current - 31 days Elementa...
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Second team aplications

Restoration druid application for second team.

IRL infoName: ZachCountry: England, United kingdom.Age: 17Other hobbies besides WoW? - College (sciences +math atm) quite fun, socializing and im also quite fond of basketball. Stable internet connection? - Last time i can remember my internet goi...
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Second team aplications

Warrior Tank Application

Application of [Zarini]IRL infoName: AlexanderCountry: NorwayAge: 22Other hobbies besides WoW?University/ Teacher of mathematics and physical education. Social stuff.Stable internet connection?Yes, university internet connection. Best in the regio...
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Second team aplications

Application to second raid team- Holy Paladin

IRL infoName: Michel Country: SwedenAge: 21About me: Right now I´m studying in university. Doing a bachelor in logistics. Like sports ( all kind of sports), adventures that give adrenaline rush for example skydiving.Also like to drink beer. Stabl...
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Nevri2176Member avatar small Baji 4y
Second team aplications

Lokzz-Destruction Warlock

IRL infoName: PauloCountry: CroatiaAge: 22Other hobbies besides WoW? Boxing, collegue, waterpoloStable internet connection? Yes-Ingame infoCharacter name: LokzzArmory link: Warloc...
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Second team aplications


IRL infoName: MattCountry: DubaiAge:20Other hobbies besides WoW? i am a normally typical guy I am keeping fit, but I smoke so I end up coughing up a lung so sports is pretty much a no go for me, unless you considerDirtbiking a sport ?? Hmm I love ...
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Holy paladin 2288Member avatar small Deadly0811 4y
Second team aplications

Idiora - Assasin Rogue

IRL infoName: PaulinaCountry: CroatiaAge: 26Other hobbies besides WoW? I am a bookworm, I love to read more than I love people. I am still a student getting my MBA and working part time so it doesn't really allow me to have many hobbies. During my...
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Second team aplications

Kassadal - Ret Pally

Am very interested in joining raids, only issue is that Thursday evenings I cannot do. if there are any sort of auditions going on, please let me know, I will be happy to participate.
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Second team aplications

Application of Khobz

thanks for the apply predzod, we will get back to you as soon as possible!
Small Rockeaters 4y
predzod2212Small Rockeaters 4y
Second team aplications

application for jonboi

IRL infoName: JonCountry: UKAge:27Besides of playing wow any other hobbies?-im a petrol head thru and thru>> if its got an engine and wheels I can fix it race it a tune it:) play for local rugby team>> not the soft league crap tho>&...
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Second team aplications

Walkinjunior - Prot Pala

sorry the Raid leader game time expired 30 mins into raid, unprepared / didnt speak once, had little knowledge and many dps was low. I wasn't after progressing first quarter of ToT N again :P
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Walkinjunior4181Small Rockeaters 4y
Second team aplications

Application of ßlacklight

Aplication of ßlacklight / DekathIRL infoName: AndyCountry: EnglandAge: 21Besides of playing wow any other hobbies? Music (played guitar since I was 12), Sports Student, Played Rugby since I was 4, also a fan of alcoholic beverages.Ingame infoChar...
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