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Main team applications

Frost/Arcane Mage application

Application of SeinocIRL infoName: Jesper HammerCountry: DenmarkAge: 25Other hobbies besides WoW? Training in gymStable internet connection? Yeah.. never crashed, 5mb.-Ingame infoCharacter name: SeinocArmory link:
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Seinoc3204Small Xenthor 4y
Main team applications

Guardian Druid application

Application of [character name]IRL infoName: MikkelCountry: DenmarkAge: 20Other hobbies besides WoW? used to play Football before a injure, now i go fitness to train it upStable internet connection? usually have 40-50 ms ( home / world )-Ingame in...
Member avatar small Punkinpie 4y
Punkinpie4269Member avatar small Waith 4y
Main team applications

Elemental shaman application

Application of [Smokybell/Shmoky]IRL infoName: FilipCountry: SwedenAge: 17Other hobbies besides WoW? Used to play football and floorball, mostly gyming these daysStable internet connection?yes, usually around 45-55ping home and world-Ingame infoCh...
Member avatar small Smokybell 4y
Smokybell2160Small Brucelee 4y
Main team applications

Momotåro ... dancing BEAR

Application of Momotårohello everyone, i saw Rockeaters LF Tank and had small talk with him. he made me really interested to sit and write application. hope it meets your expectations IRL infoName: Mutaz - MomoCountry: Saudi ArabiaAge: 28Other ho...
Member avatar small Momotåro 4y
Momotåro3190Small Rockeaters 4y
Main team applications

Elemental Shaman

Name: Battletide Class: Shaman Race: Troll Server: Ragnaros EU Spec: Elemental (551) Profession: Enchanting and Alchemy (Elixir Master) Armory Played Time: Current - 31 days Elementa...
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Battletide3169Member avatar small Bají 4y
Main team applications

rip frost dk

IRL infoName:MateoCountry:CroatiaAge:21Other hobbies besides WoW?:nolife no hobbies only wowStable internet connection?:yes-Ingame infoCharacter name:ripArmory link: spec:Fr...
Small rip 4y
rip3301Small Rockeaters 4y
Main team applications

Brewmaster Monk Application

Application of VálkIRL infoName: StuartCountry: WalesAge: 20Other hobbies besides WoW? Play a bit of sport and lots of other PC gamesStable internet connection? Yep-Ingame infoCharacter name: VálkArmory link:
Member avatar small Valk 4y
Valk4200Small Rockeaters 4y
Main team applications

Räserbåt Enhancement Shaman.

IRL infoName: AndreasCountry: SwedenAge: 20Other hobbies besides WoW? Wait.. Is there such thing? Nah, but watching most sports I'd have to say. Not really doing anything else atm.Stable internet connection? Yes.-Ingame infoCharacter name: Räserbå...
Member avatar small Räserbåt 4y
Räserbåt4306Small Rockeaters 4y
Main team applications

Joining main raidteam

Application of SakujuraIRL infoName: Kevin RoobaertCountry: BelgiumAge:24Other hobbies besides WoW? archery, quadracing, karting, and favr PAIN(t)ballStable internet connection? fibernet, yes -Ingame infoCharacter name:SakujuraArmory link:Sakujura...
Member avatar small Sakujura - holy paladin 4y
Sakujura - holy paladin5274Member avatar small Sakujura 4y
Main team applications

Retribution Paladin application.

Application of: TanoraqtIRL infoName: ConnorCountry: UKAge: 19Other hobbies besides WoW? College and going to the gym.Stable internet connection? 60mb/s download and 3mb/s upload 20-30MS in game.-Ingame infoCharacter name: TanoraqtArmory link:htt...
Member avatar small Tanoraqt 4y
Tanoraqt4208Member avatar small Bají/waithie 4y
Main team applications

Urgent Transmission

Connecting...Connection established.Downloading message.This is from Blizzard HQ in Moon Base Alpha-1. We are sending you a request for the transfer of a specialist into your rooster. His squad got wiped out by the Borg, they attempted to assimila...
Member avatar small Voidlisk 4y
Voidlisk5334Small Rockeaters 4y
Main team applications

Gravstøtte - Retribution Paladin - X-Realm

Application of [Gravstøtte]IRL infoName: JonCountry: NorwayAge: 18Other hobbies besides WoW? I like to play other video games such as Counter Strike, DayZ, Payday 2 and Gta V.Stable internet connection? Yea.
Member avatar small Gravstøtte 4y
Gravstøtte7322Small Rockeaters 4y
Main team applications

Wetpig Frost DK application Xrealm

IRL infoName:My real life name is Rainer.Country:I am from the northern parts of Norway, the coldest and smallest town in Norway, well almost.Age:I am currently 21 year's old, and "dinging" 22 at the 7.february.Other hobbies besides WoW?Well, to b...
Member avatar small Wetpig 4y
Wetpig10434Small Rockeaters 4y
Main team applications

Reines - Healing Priest - X-realm

Please find my application stored on my Google drive at the link below. I apologise for providing it via a link, I was unable to get the layout and formatting looking good in a forum post.
Member avatar small Lafoo 4y
Lafoo9475Small Rockeaters 4y
Main team applications

Application of Sakujura holy paladin

Application of SakujuraIRL infoName:KevinCountry:Belgium, flemish partAge:24Other hobbies besides WoW? renovating the houseStable internet connection? yes indeed, fibernet-Ingame infoCharacter name:SakujuraArmory link:
Member avatar small Sakujura 4y
Sakujura4248Member avatar small Sakujura 4y
Main team applications

Warlock Application

IRL infoName: AlexeyCountry: UK (born in Russia)Age: 21Other hobbies besides WoW? Music production, tennis.Stable internet connection? infoCharacter name: HellumArmory link:
Member avatar small Hellum 4y
Hellum5305Small Yeltsin 4y
Main team applications

Jeeng Troll Destruction Warlock

I am 21-year old male from Finland. My hobbies are playing video games (WoW, Dota 2, Diablo 3) and hanging out with my friends.I also have a girlfriend, but that wont be a problem with raiding, since she likes watching me playing WoW . I also work...
Member avatar small Juccy 4y
Juccy3208Small Clemerroth 4y
Main team applications

Verzaxz, Warlock Main Team Application

Aplication of Verzaxz:IRL infoName: Arthur StoneCountry: England, LondonAge: 16Besides of playing wow any other hobbies?- I play a lot of PC games from steam including CS:GO and sometimes i play League of Legends, however WoW takes up most of my t...
Member avatar small Verzaxz 4y
Verzaxz10404Small Rockeaters 4y
Main team applications

Mercatres application Frost/Unholy DK for team 1

Aplication of MercatresIRL infoName: Steven VerhoevenCountry: BelgiumAge: 21Besides of playing wow any other hobbies?djing, playing LoLIngame infoCharacter name: MercatresClass: DKPrimary spec: FrostSecondary spec: UnholyTotal Play time: about 39d...
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Mercatres12383Small Rockeaters 4y
Main team applications

Warlock APP team 1 or team 2

IRL information Name: AdamCountry: ScotlandAge:17Ingame infoCharacter name:Dyb atmClass: WarlockProfessions: Enchanting, EngineeringRace: will go troll if accepted for racial. Armory:
Member avatar small Funkymusic 4y
Funkymusic8362Small Rockeaters 4y