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IRL info
Name: Ben

Country: England

Age: 20

Besides of playing wow any other hobbies?
- Pub

- League of Legends (even if im not that good)

Ingame info

Character name: Azzezel

Class: Warlock

Primary spec: Destro

Secondary spec: Affliction
Total Play time: 37 days, 12 hours, 23 minutes and 56 seconds

Any other alts u have with there Primary spec?
- Not a big alt fan!

Can u give us some information about the past with your current main?
- I leveled my lock as an alt in 4.3 when i was raiding as a blood dk when MoP was released i then changed to my lock!
Thats pretty much all my history on my lock.

If so, can u give information about raiding in the past with any alt u have?
- Tier 11 9/13hc, Tier 12 7/7 normal and Tier 13 2/8. I did this all when it was current content on a Blood DK and Fire mage basically what ever my guild needed me to be.

General information

Whats your motivation to raid?
- The main motivation for me to raid is Hc progression.

What sites are u using for your theorycrafting?

I use both of these websites to gem, enchant, reforge and build a spec. I then test out each one to see which one i do the most dps with movement.

Are u able to raid every day? If not which day(s) u cant?
- I can raid all days.

How did u find us?
- I was approached after advertising on Trade.

Why did u left your old guild?

-The leader was very petty and we only raided 2 times a week + being left on standby ment some weeks i was not raiding at all.

U can write any other information u think we should know below here.

- I am a serious but laid back raider who likes a bit of banter and chit chat. Ultimately i want a serious raiding guild with friendly members!
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