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General Discussion

[Pinned] Post here if you will be late for raid, etc

This thread is a supplement for the in-game calendar eventsIf you definitely, 100% can't make a raid at all, just decline on the calendar - shouldn't need a post here. Don't use the decline option if there's a chance you will come! If you're not s...
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Apply information

[Pinned] Copy this and complete the questions

Application of [character name]IRL infoName:Country:Age:Other hobbies besides WoW?Stable internet connection?-Ingame infoCharacter name:Armory link: Class:Primary spec:Secondary spec:Total Play time:World of log links(bether have some rankings in ...
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Trial of valor tactics!

Super good small tactic videos, make sure you know them by head for next raid!Trial of valor: (long one but still covers most of it):https://www.youtu...
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Emerald Dream minimalistic guide

Sup slackers!I found a nice minimalistic guide on reddit which might help ppl: Macze
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General Discussion

Winter is coming, but first WoD will hit.

WoD is still sheduled to hit this Fall, which means it's just a few months away.with that in mind i think it's time to decide where we want to continue our Epic adventure. eg. which server and/or which faction at the moment Ragnaros is populated 1...
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General Discussion

Warlords of Draenor ... & YOU !!??

Hi guys,I just wanted to see if I could get a thread going which will help me understand what the plan is for GG incorporated (if it is the same guild name we continue with) in WoD.I've been playing the game again recently and would like to say th...
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General Discussion


hey guys, long time no seei'm going to give Wildstar ago and was wondering if someone else was,if you've already decided drop the server you're gonna play on below and your name or account so we can team up.
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General Discussion

Music keeps u away from boredom and takes away tiredness

gr8 pianist gr8 poet gr8 work u wont be sry to spend an hour keep posting on this forum but not spam it with casual ones^^cu dudes
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General Discussion

Team 1 is taking a step back untill WoD

Guys, as we all know the team isnt what it used to be anymore...With the main leaders gone and half of the core raiders on a break, The atmosphere isnt the same as it was.Also me and xenthor feel guilty for all the transferes and waste of money.I ...
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The great Siegecrafter "Not so tough after all, fagget" Blackfuse THREAD!

wszup scrubs, love u al <3thanks for the splendid raid today, and our full farm clear in 1 raid, gg wp we so pro <3<3but now its time for an even sicker challenge, the boss which is said to be hardest mechanic wise of the entire raid?who ...
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Apply information


name: hesam countery: iranAge: 22Other hobbies besides WoW? CountEr Strike love love Stable internet connection? ms less than 100Character name: SpeCtrê Armory link: WArlockP...
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General Discussion

I'm Out.

Sorry guys but SoO is just super boring for me right now and I don't even care about getting anymore progress or loot or ranks etc so I won't be raiding anymore. Good luck to you all and I hope to see that 14/14 on wowprogress in a few weeks!
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Main team applications

Frost/Arcane Mage application

Application of SeinocIRL infoName: Jesper HammerCountry: DenmarkAge: 25Other hobbies besides WoW? Training in gymStable internet connection? Yeah.. never crashed, 5mb.-Ingame infoCharacter name: SeinocArmory link:
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General Discussion

Need some help building my Pc.

Hey guys I made a list of parts that looked good in my thoughts.I just put this list here to hear if my choises are good or could have been better?Graphic card.Giga-Byte Geforge GTX760 OC (1085mhz, 2048mb, DDR5, 6008mhz, 256 bit)€235.00Motherboard...
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General Discussion

Free Realm transfer?

Guys, we all have noticed that the population on raganaros going up every day, It was all fine in 5.2 when we first came here. Then Fatboss and the whole crew decided to aids our server... Blizzard also noticed this and gave raganaros a free trans...
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General Discussion


Going to be stopping raiding so i can focus on my college studys! gotta get dem A's you see. Have to say, cheers T2 has been fun!. Ill carry on raiding for this lockout whilst you find a replacement. guess ill be seeing you lot in next xpac after...
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General Discussion

What shall we call the baby??

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Main team applications

Guardian Druid application

Application of [character name]IRL infoName: MikkelCountry: DenmarkAge: 20Other hobbies besides WoW? used to play Football before a injure, now i go fitness to train it upStable internet connection? usually have 40-50 ms ( home / world )-Ingame in...
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General Discussion


so homo's,I gues allot has been unclear for many of U #SWAGGERZ but this is the deal, me and yeltsin got less time atm for running the entire team and shiz,and we will give more powa to xenthor, he'll try to recruit more scrubz for our team so we ...
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Second team aplications

Survival Hunter

Application of DanqodIRL infoName: Max Country: The Netherlands Age: 21Other hobbies besides WoW? I play soccer and hang out with friends now and then. Still going to school, driving me crazy though.Stable internet connection? Stable as a stable-I...
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